Defend- Keep Firefighter Cancer Away from your Homefront

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Protecting your Family and your Firefighter from Occupational related Cancer Risks has never been more needed- the rate that our Fire Family is getting diagnosed is shocking. 

Inside Defend, you'll find information in an easy to read format, designed to keep you and your family educated and safe. 

Back with data, we uncover the dirty truth about Firefighter Cancer risks- risks your Firefighter and your Family never signed up for. 

Then we talk about many ways to reduce the risk, and spread awareness. Ways you can help as a spouse, things to discuss with your Firefighter, and how to keep Firefighter Cancer away from your Homefront. 

Designed for the Firefighter wife- because the information you need to stay aware of the risks isn't coming home. 

*This is a digitial ebook. 

*10% of every sale goes directly to Firefighter Charities actively making change to reduce the risk of Cancer and Spread Awareness to bring more Firefighters home to their families.