Defend, Extinguish, Rescue- Fire Wife Bundle

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Life as a Fire Wife can be messy, confusing, and there are times where, you are quite literally, left in the dark. 

Everything is 'just fine' right?

Except it's not. You need a crash course about things that threaten to take your husband, ruin your family, and cause you to resent a profession that saves people (except when it costs too much to save it's own) 

You need to be prepared- You need Safety- You need Solutions. 

Inside the Thin Red Line Bundle you'll find three distinct books- books you've never wanted to read but desperately need. 

Defend- How to protect your Homefront from Firefighter Cancer 

Extinguish- Learning to deal with and manage the LODD anxiety 

Rescue- Stories of Hope related to PTSD and support for spouses in that dark time. 

The goal behind these ebooks is to provide you with quick and up to date (data backed) information that can help you keep your family intact. No Fire Widow should say that she was lied to and didn't know the risks. 

Healthy Firefighters and Happy Families Starts here. Are you ready for the Future?

*10% of every sale goes directly to Firefighter Charities that are actively spreading awareness and prevention to bring our Firefighters home safe.